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5c Strategies for Financial Freedom

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Everybody wants to be rich or at least financially secure. However, today more and more people are finding it harder to keep their head above water financially. And from my vantage point, I see a lot of people giving up hope and feeling that winning the lottery or inheriting is the only way they can become financially independent.

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In reality, there is another better way of getting ahead financially freedom by adopting the proven 5C strategies - cashflow, compounding, clarity, compartmentise and complete to get rich slowly.

  1. Cash flow management
  2. Tracking your cash flow is a very important as it will determine whether you get yourself into debt or save enough for your retirement or children education. Use a good budget planner or software tool to manage your cash flow you may be surprised where your money is going.

  3. Compounding capital growth
  4. If your cash flow is right, you should have some extra cash going into financial investments every month. The compounding capital growth of these investments such as stock options or forex trading online and many other financial instruments that might astound you.

    By saving $10 a day and invest 10% of these saving over 40 years will give you a profit return more than a million with the power of compounding growth your capital. By having $1 million you sure can beats the inflation that everyone account for over the years.

  5. Clarity of thoughts
  6. Having a tangible action plan allows you to achieve clarity of thought about your future, and put what you need to do into action. If your financial goal is to retire rich, by having the certainty of desire outcome in financial planning allows you to justify why $10 is better off save to invest instead of spent.

  7. Compartmentalize for investment
  8. When you compartmentalize your money into variety of investment portfolios, each with a specific goal, you are clear about what you should be doing now. Each of your financial goals has a different time frame and flexibility in term of how certain an outcome you required.

    By compartmentalizing allows you to have a clearly defined exist plan. If your investment portfolio has hit your target goal, be prudent and exit into cash. You have got enough money to fulfil the financial goal. Why risk your investment dipping in value even after you have achieved the target you wanted for retirement.

  9. Complete with insurance
  10. Unfortunately all your plan may upset by a medical emergency make sure your financial planning is tied together with sufficient and complete insurance overage for uncertainty may happen in life.

There many ways for you to get rich but the financial investment is one of the best way to achieve your financial freedom. Whatever you decide, understand that it is going to take a lot of work and commitment on your part to see it through the process.

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What it takes to be a successful financial investor? In the world of financial investment, there is always a trade off between risk and return in your money investment.

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        How To Invest Money Wisely?

        When it comes to investing, your returns depend on the risk appetite you take. Learn how to grow and invest your money wisely into a set of diversified financial market asset classes allocation, commodities, forex, stock options or insurance policy to protect your retirement capital from dangers of inflation. This is especially important when you think about long term saving for early retirement as inflation effectively reduces the amount of goods and services your money can buy over the long term.

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        The bottom line is that if your savings are not at least keeping pace with inflation, you are not really taking good care of your personal finances. Most of people thinking they need plenty of money to start investing online. That is where they have all thought wrong, you can start investing from as low as $100 per month with lower risk financial market investment products, and watch your money grow slowly.

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