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The Covert Hypnosis Exposed

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Everyone deal with difficult people all the time especially at workplace, your demanding bosses, nasty colleagues, angry customers and you name it the list will goes on.

Master Hypnotist Igor Ledochowski reveals forbidden secret of how to control people's minds and make them obey covert commands during normal conversation.

The power of covert or conversational hypnosis course by Igor Ledochowski is considered the benchmark in how to become a master of influence, it focuses on the popular Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist Dr Milton Erickson's methods that cleverly use of language for inducing trance state whilst still awake are the basis of the conversational hypnosis.

It is completely different from traditional hypnosis approach of sticking people to chairs, putting them into sleep and making them forget their names as what traditional hypnotist is doing. This is proper under the radar of covert hypnosis.

The author has gone to great lengths to explain every single step in detail, not only how it works, but also why it works. The way of using metaphors makes it easier for you to understand complex psychological processes, and also makes it more entertaining experience. You can listen to CDs and use the reference manual that comes with a lot of useful information.

The course covers hypnotic language techniques, the art of storytelling, and the ways to induce people into trance state whilst they still awake, and how to embed commands into your conversation to get them to do your bidding either at present or later you even not around. You're going to take a little bit of effort to see the potential benefits are literally limitless, and how easy it is.

  1. To influence people to do what you want.
  2. How others obey covert commands with their knowledge.
  3. Persuade more clients and customers to buy your products and services.
  4. Negotiate in your favour with ease and confidence.
  5. Compel family, friends and colleagues to accept your suggestion and advice.
  6. Command respect and admiration even from strangers.
  7. Easily to get a yes response with stress and struggle.
  8. Convince your kids to listen even when they rather not.
  9. And get anything out of life your really desire and more.

Igor Ledochowski who has a law degree is now highly regarded as the world's foremost hypnotist trainer, coaching corporate executives working with fortune 500 companies and is also a much sought after speaker at hypnosis seminars.

The Covert Hypnosis Exposed

The power of Igor's covert hypnosis course gives amazing insight into how our languages and gestures program the responses we can get from others.

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