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Home Mortgage Protection Plan

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How to safeguard your new home with insurance and mortgage protection plan? Creating a home does not stop at making a purchase. You should also safeguard your home from unforeseen accident that may occur, either to the house or yourself. Banks offer the home insurance coverage and mortgage protection plan to address those concerns.

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With a home mortgage protection plan, your family will be guaranteed ownership of the house should an accident happen before the home loan is completely paid. The plan is designed in such a way that the sum assured will be payable in the unfortunate event of death or total and permanent disability of the life insured before age 65. This help the borrower pay the balance of the outstanding home loan.

Creating Wealth Without Risk

It is also important to look for a comprehensive yet flexible insurance plan that covers house renovation and contents, as well as the family, domestic help and even pets. For instance, Housebliss Insurance package that CIMB currently offers insures contents on a new-for-old basis, which means that the contents will be replaced with new items if they are destroyed during an event covered by the policy. The contents are covered on a full replacement value basis with no depreciation.

Our needs will continue to evolve as we go through the various stages of life. Whether you are buying a new home, a second home, financing current home mortgage loans, investing in property or borrowing additional money, choosing the right home mortgage protection plan package is essential to meet your specific needs.

As such you should take time to do proper research and planning to find the right home mortgage protection plan that will help to turn your dream home into reality.

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        Personal finance is not something teach in school, most of people learn by trial and error, inevitably costly mistakes are made a long the way. Whether you are trying to save money for raining days, planning for early retirement or buy your first apartment, it is never too late to start building your nest egg now to enjoy your golden years without a worry. Manage your money wisely and never spend more than what you earn.

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        Always focus on your needs and not wants when you go shopping to avoid getting into credit card debt. It is good to equip yourself with basic financial investment know how to grow your money. Work out your financial goals, draw up the investment plan, make sure you abide to it, and try your best to achieve them with a specific timeline. If you are investing for real estate property, learn how to make use of the personal loan, home equity mortgage loan options or buy tax lien certificate to your advantages. Learn how to buy tax lien certificate and get the properties without mortgages and 100% debt free.

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