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How To Increase Sperm Count?

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle to get pregnant faster the same goes for the man on how to increase the sperm count. Smoking can negatively affects sperm production resulting in a fall in sperm quality and quantity.

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Medical studies show there is emerging evidence of smoking are causes infertility and you should quit smoking today if trying for a baby. Apart from quit the smoking, what are some other things your beloved hubby can do to improve the quality of his sperm?

An increased scrotal temperature is closely associated with reduced sperm quality in healthy population. Wearing tight fitting underwear, sedentary work positions ad heat exposure as well as frequent saunas can increase the testicular temperature, so avoid them if you trying to conceive a baby.

Next right icon  3. Manage Stress To Get Pregnant Naturally

The stress being it physical such as weight gain and illness or emotional can cause your hormonal imbalance. Manage your stress effectively to get pregnant naturally.

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