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How To Make Extra Cash?

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Thoughts of making more money fast? In reality, there are many ways of how to make extra cash online or offline at home if you are facing a financial difficulty or laid off.

The unemployment rate has gone up this year due to the projected slow down of the economy and more cautions outlook for global economic growth, from selling things on eBay to doing part time works; you can boost your income.

1. Selling unwanted stuff on eBay

Spring clean your house to sort out unwanted things that are still in good condition such as mobile phone, printers, CDs and etc. Sell them on the popular eBay auction marketplace in 6 simple steps.

  • Open a free eBay Seller account
  • If you have never used eBay before, you will need to open a free eBay seller account of the country that you are live in, but you can use your eBay ID to buy and sell products at any of eBay sites worldwide.

  • Open a free PayPal business account
  • You also need to open a highly secure free PayPal business account if you do not have one for selling or buying on eBay marketplace.

    Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

    To register a free PayPal account is pretty easy, what you need is to provide your personal details and a credit card information for the registration.

  • Decide what and how much to sell
  • You need to know what you are going to sell on eBay auction. For your very first little experiment with eBay, it is doesn't matter what you sell. Just take a look around your room is there anything you want to get rid of or not in used anymore. Books or CDs are ideal for first item but do your market research on eBay marketplace to see how your competitors listed price.

  • List your item for eBay auction
  • Take a few good pictures of your item as items with pictures always sell for more. It is better to take photos of your item with white background.

    Go to eBay marketplace website, click on the "sell" to listing your item.

  • Watch people biding and wait for it to sell
  • This is just a matter of letting eBay do its thing. The potential buyers will find your item and leave a bid on it. Monitor the biding status, some eBay bidders might email you with questions on the item and you should answer them as quickly as you can.

  • Collect payment and post it
  • eBay will sent your highest bid buyer emails guiding them through the process of sending you the payment of the item. What you need to do is to collect the payment and deliver the goods to customer.

2. Rent your spare room

Let your children share a room and then rent out the extra room. You can get a good rent if your home is in a location with good transportation links and amenities.

3. Get a part time job

Get a part time job online in the evening or on weekend. You can earn a reasonable amount depending on the number of hours you put in.

4. Take paid survey online

You can participate in online surveys with the international marketing research firms. In return for your time and effort, you are given incentives to fill out surveys.

Join Cash Crate - Make Extra Money Without Spending A Dime!

Some companies offer cash payment, while others reward you with points which you can exchange for shopping and gift vouchers. Give yourself a try for Cash Crate - it's absolutely free to sign up, and I already earn a couple hundred bucks without spening a dime.

5. Become a mystery shopper

The shopaholics can kill two birds with one stone. Register with a research consultancy firms. The rewards you receive will depend on type of assignment and cost incurred during a shopping trip.

6. Sell your skills

If you are skilful in a language, musical instrument, photography or other professional subjects, you can teach part time classes.

Advertise your skills in newspaper or online social networking sites such as your blogs, Facebook and Linkedin.

7. Turn your hobby into cash

If you are good at photography, arts and crafts, you can sell your artistic and creative works at arts bazaar or online.

8. Show off your problem solving skill

Why let your creative juice go to waste when many companies are offering cash rewards to people who can come up with innovative solutions to their problems? InnoCreative is a global online marketplace that invites people around the world to solve the challenging problems for organisations.

The company offer cash rewards ranging from US$ 5000 to US$ 1 million for best solutions to people who meet the challenge criteria.

9. Get paid to baby sit

This is a good option for stay at home moms. You can make about US$ 1000 per month by babysitting toddles on the weekend.

10. Selling ads space on your website

You can also make money by displaying ads on your website or blogs. As website owners you can sign up on Google Adsense as publisher to allow Google ads to be displayed on your websites.

Depending on the type of ads displayed, you can earn money when users click on ads or when it appears to a user viewing your site. How much you get paid depend on where you live in.

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If you need extra cash fast for your new house renovation, new baby expenses, property investment or credit card debts, personal loans can be a good option.

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    • Personal Finance And Money Matters
        How To Manage Your Money?

        Personal finance is not something teach in school, most of people learn by trial and error, inevitably costly mistakes are made a long the way. Whether you are trying to save money for raining days, planning for early retirement or buy your first apartment, it is never too late to start building your nest egg now to enjoy your golden years without a worry. Manage your money wisely and never spend more than what you earn.

        Join Cash Crate - Make Extra Money Without Spending A Dime!

        Always focus on your needs and not wants when you go shopping to avoid getting into credit card debt. It is good to equip yourself with basic financial investment know how to grow your money. Work out your financial goals, draw up the investment plan, make sure you abide to it, and try your best to achieve them with a specific timeline. If you are investing for real estate property, learn how to make use of the personal loan, home equity mortgage loan options or buy tax lien certificate to your advantages. Learn how to buy tax lien certificate and get the properties without mortgages and 100% debt free.

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