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Is Stress The Silent Killer?

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The stress can motivate you to achieve your goals but if you are not able to manage your stress properly it can be a silent killer which leads to all sort of mental health problems for instance depression, anxiety disorders, irritability, poor concentration and even causes the critical illnesses.

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The stress is part and parcel of everyone daily life, but most people get chronic stress primary because of the terrible panic attacks, over thinking about certain problems and over consumption of caffeine.

The chronic stress if not treated properly over time increases the level of stress hormones, which can disrupt a healthy sleep patterns that causes insomnia. Sleep deprivation will result in mental functions slowing down, lose concentration, feeling very tire and less productive at work may affect your job.

If you going to bed feeling stressed out, sleep may be affected. Regular exercise can help to reduce stress hormone and release endorphins to promote a feeling of happiness and wellness. However, try to avoid exercise at least 3 hours before going to sleep as it keep you awake.

There are also many herb supplements like vitamin B complex can help you to fight stress and boost your alertness. The vitamin B is important for proper brain and nerves functioning, and also carbohydrate metabolism for energy production.

Other herbs like ginseng are believed to boost energy level. However, not all herbal supplements are suitable for everyone especially if you are on other medication - seek your family doctor for advice before consuming the herb supplements.

The Linden Method for Stress Management

Despite that chronic stress is a silent killer, if you able to manage your stress effectively with the Linden ways to curing anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias that specialists don't want you to know about - it can motivate you and leads to a good life.

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Managing stress with sense of humor is one of most powerful stress coping tools. A good laugh relieves stress for everyone.

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        How Your Heart Works?

        Did you know when the heart is at ease, the body healthy - Many people in the world suffer from ischemic heart disease. So it is a good idea to go for regular blood pressure and cholesterol tests, quit smoking, limits your saturated fat intake, eat more healthy super foods, fruits and green vegetables.
        heart disease
        The heart is a muscle that feeds your body with the nourishing blood, so go for cardio exercise regulary to make it stonger to reduces your high blood pressure and also cholesterol, prevents diabetes and obesity, fights depression and anxiety disorders - so take care your heart !
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