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Job At Risk Warning Signs

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In today's world, facing a layoff is becoming a real concern of many workers worldwide. There are 4 common warning signs that your current job is at extremely high risk of layoff and what can you do about it in case of losing the job.

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In order to keep your job, you need to work smart, not just work hard. Most importantly you must have a contingency plan to protect yourself and family.

  1. Your projects are being reassigned to other staff within your department.
  2. You are no longer asked to join in the meeting, which you typically participated.
  3. Your manager is showing interest in the status of your projects.
  4. Your work is cyclical in nature and you have significant period of slow time.

If your job position contributes directly to the generation of revenue or reduction of expenses, you may be fairly safe at this moment. If your department is viewed more as nice to have in current working environment, you will be on shakier ground your job surely is at higher risk.

Whatever happen, remain professional, positive and proactive, the best thing you can do now is keep your current full time job and sneak your own business start up or looking for other alternative work from home part time jobs available on the Internet that your boss never know about it.

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As job lossess increased as result of recent financial economic crisis, more job seekers are turning to Internet to help them in searching for part time job online.

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        How To Strike A Balance?

        Strike a work life balance is how to maintain consistent healthy lifestyle on a daily basic. In body, mind and spirit regardless of your situation or circumstances. Achieving some sort of work life balance is critical to your mental and physical health. If you are really stressed at your current job, it may be time for a career change to find a job elsewhere. Make your resume look professional for job application by keeping it clear and organise.

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        Opt for taking an online paid survey or doing simple data entry job to work from home are some of great ideas to strike a balance. The research shows that being stress or unhappy at work can raise your blood pressure and affect your mental health in a long run. Takes control of your mind over matters, learn to handle the difficult people around you, and also how to communicate your desired ways to success with covert hypnosis techniques effectively in everyday situations.

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