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Make Sense of Humor

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Managing stress with sense of humor is one of most powerful stress coping tools. A good laugh relieves stress for everyone.

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Psychologists have for a long time recognised the benefits of humor. Humor enhances the creative process and is one of the coping devices used to combat stress. It can be used with great result in the classroom, at work, in therapy and counselling sessions and in medicine to assist the healing process. Laughter improves self-esteem, enhances social interaction and generally makes life more enjoyable.

Laughter is more than a visual and vocal response. A wide range of physiological changes accompanies it. During vigorous laughter, your body takes in extra oxygen, causes internal organs to shudder and muscles to contract as well as activates the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands.

These result in an increase in secretion of endorphins, an internally produced morphine-like molecule. These internal jogging produces an increase in oxygen absorption and heart rate, relaxation of your muscles and increases in number of disease fighting immune cells.

Illness and disease can be caused by not ability to cope effectively with daily adversity stress. Daily stressors, if left unchecked over time, are the biggest culprits of illness. A sense of humor is one of your most powerful stress coping tools.

Laughter is very freeing. If you can laugh at something, you can survive it. Laughter helps you gain power in difficult situations and gives you a sense of control when things around you are out of control. Humor is thus, physically, psychologically and spiritually beneficial.

A good laugh relieves stress for everyone. It can help you see life from different perspective and face your problems with renewed concentration and hope. Humor for natural healing and health improvement is not a new prescription and hopefully, you may discover that laugher helps to cut down your medical costs.

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