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Medical Insurance for Stay At Home Mom

By Joz L

As for stay at home mom, you don't have company medical coverage, any medical expenses incur can be a strain on your family finances. You need to look into health insurance for enhancing your medical and hospitalisation coverage, or ensure your spouse provides enough protection for you in case anything happens.

term life insurance

As you are not working, there is no financial loss, you can opt for a term insurance plan without a savings component or choose an endowment insurance policy with regular payout at two to five years intervals.

This endowment saving policy will effectively take the place of CPF, so you have something to fall back in time of need or during your golden years.

If you are self-employed, medical and hospitalisation insurance coverage and saving for retirement are very crucial. If you earn $600 or more a year, you are required to contribute to MediSave. If you earn less than that, you basically have no saving set aside for medical needs.

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The permanent health insurance can be very helpful if you fall sick because it will continue to pay out for as long as you need it, under the terms of the policy.

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    • Term Life Insurance Plans
        How To Buy A Life Insurance?

        Are you well insured with insurance plans? An adequate term life insurance protection coverage is not how many policies you have now, more importantly is about the type of insurance plans you have bought matches your family protection needs. As a rule of thumb you need to cover up till your kids becomes financially independent. Ideally, your total amount of insurance coverage is 10 times of your annual income, and you should not spend more than 10% of your on term life insurance policies.

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        The right way to buy a life insurance that caters to your family protection need is asking your insurance service agents for free insurance quotes to determine how much is enough for you. The key foundation of any financial planning is insurance protection, start early to insure adequately in all areas pertaining to health insurance as you are more insurable and more likely to be still very healthy. This means that the premiums you are paying can be relatively affordable and cheaper.

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